2016 Festival

TUPF16: Urban Playground

TUPF16’s theme is Urban Playground.

We live, we work, and we play in a continually evolving landscape. Swinging from place to place, climbing the corporate ladder, and monkeying around in bars, we are more than just passive observers, we are active adaptors and creators in an environment that goes beyond cultural and ecological boundaries.

The city is inspiring and inspired. Defining and defined. But most of all, the city is a sensual experience, a playful experience.

This year’s theme is Urban Playground. It’s about how the city is playful, how we make play in the city, and how we play with ideas of the city. It’s about how we create in and are created by the city. It’s about this playground we live in and call home.

Have fun and play with this year’s theme. Show us how you make sense of the urban, how you make the static dynamic, and how you play in and play with the city. Play with your images, your image making, and your ideas. Be playful.


The city is a fun place, where the public and social mix. Amidst the current zeitgeist, TUPF hopes to create a community where people can explore ideas of the urban in a fun but critical way. There is a certain connection between like-minded photographers and visual urbanists that we embrace and encourage.

Similarly, the connection between like-minded photographers and visual urbanists provides fertile ground for teaching and learning. At TUPF we are both teachers and learners, and we engage with others to critically examine the city and contemporary photographic practices in order to strengthen participants’ and our own understanding of urban photography.


TUPF16 hopes to have a total of 5-7 exhibitions this year. 2 for our call for works, and 5 VIP galleries.

Building Giants Global and Local

2 galleries will be used for our Building Giants call for works.

  1. TUPF winners (1st, 2nd, 3rd) from both Building Giants Local and Global entries
  2. TUPF runners up (7-10 artists each) from both Building Giants Local and Global entries

VIP Galleries

5 galleries are projected as VIP Galleries. VIP Galleries choose the work to be shown, but must have a photography and urban element, and must relate the work back to our theme: Urban Playground. VIP Galleries are expected to host an opening night event (at their cost) and will promote TUPF and other TUPF events/exhibitions. TUPF includes VIP galleries in the festival programming and promotes them throughout the festival.

Photography Crawl

New this year, TUPF will be doing a one-day/night photography crawl to be held on the second weekend or closing weekend. This will promote attendance at all galleries for more than just opening nights. The Photography Crawl will be a one day, all day event where all galleries will be open later so that the festival crowd can make it to all galleries. Events might be held at each of the galleries, including talks, walks, or workshops, in order to attract more people. Exhibiting photographers should be in attendance if possible.


TUPF16 aims to have 7 workshops, 5 walks, and 5 talks. Additionally, there are plans for special events occurring before and during the festival. We hope to have prizes for some of the events. Activities will be held at various locations across the city.