TUPF16 Exhibitions

For TUPF16 we are planning on having between 5 and 7 gallery exhibitions. We will have either one or two galleries for our Building Giants (Global and Local) and roughly 5-6 VIP galleries.

Building Giants

Building Giants is a play on words with building acting as both the ecological, physical structure, and as constructing, expanding, and developing. We use this to represent both the urban and emergent within urban photographic practices. TUPF is committed to giving a voice to critically informed photographers who may not have had their voices heard before.

We like to foster and encourage others in their photographic practice and feel that providing a space for emerging photographers’ voices to be heard will not only help them on their journeys but also allow them to become the new giants on whose shoulders future generations will stand on: TUPF aims to Build Local and Global Giants.

The photographers showcased in the Building Giants exhibition(s) are selected from our call for works.

VIP Galleries

TUPF has designated creative gallery space for select festival VIP Galleries. These VIP Galleries differ from the other galleries in that they are provided with exclusive opportunities and input, including selection of exhibiting artists to be shown during the TUPF. As Toronto’s first ever Photography Festival which explores urban environments and the complex interplay between urban subject matter, cultural and urban planning diasporas, and the discourse on the urban built form, VIP galleries help to reinforce our vision and goal of promoting photographers and visual urbanists.

If you are interested in being one of our VIP galleries please contact us for more information.