Streets Ahead

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Streets Ahead

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119 Church St.

For more than a century, Henry’s has been helping photographers create incredible images. Streets Ahead, featuring the Urban Photography work of Henry’s retail and corporate staff, celebrates the artistic talents of the people behind Canada’s greatest camera store. With hundreds of passionate and experienced photographers wearing the Henry’s uniform in 29 retail stores nationwide, Henry’s staff live and breathe great photography every day.

Cityscapes, architecture and the everyday life of the street feature prominently in this collection of work, reflecting the diverse and ever-changing atmosphere of Toronto’s public spaces. Featuring more than 35 works by 17 artists, this inspiring showcase of colour and black and white photographs represents a broad survey of urban photography styles and themes. After you take in this engrossing collection of images inside the historic Henry’s flagship retail store, take the opportunity to explore all of today’s incredible imaging technology that can be found on Henry’s store shelves.

Jason Nguyen, Toronto
Ren Bolestaar