Thanks to everyone who entered: it was a tough decision! Again apologies for the delay. In the end we selected 11 works from Local  with 1 overall winner, and 12 works from Global with 2 overall winners. The overall winners will be shown at Communication Art Gallery and the runners up will be shown at Norman Felix Gallery.

The winner for Building Giants Local is:

Kelvin Samson – 1 1/2

The Building Giants Local runners up are:

Jamie Thompson – INdustrial
Paul Brown – Urban Double Takes
Mihai Victor – Untitled
Michael Pietrocarlo – The Kill
Michael Pietrocarlo – Unmanned Posts
Adeyami Adegbesan – FormTO
Chris Cramer – Three at minus six
Josh White – Tokyo – The Lost
Paul Brown – Urban Protest
Kevin Keogh – The 501 West

The winners for Building Giants Global is:

Marco Caterini – Industrial Estate
Pascal Normand – Untilted 1

The Building Giants Global runners up are:

Kyler Zeleny – Out West
Jackson Hung – Yuseong Sola Apartments Project (Abandoned)
Olga Lidia Saavedra Montes de Oca – The Surreal Havana-scape
Pascal Normand – Untitled 2
Kyle Tate – Modern Times
Paula Wallis – The Human Element
Isaac Lagarda – Untitled
Gabriele Di Stefano – Where the trees grow
Bernadette Leno – Saturday afternoon in the city – Cityscape
Bernadette Leno – Bubbles – Cityscape

Thanks to everyone who submitted. We hope to see you all out to the show.