“Chase Toronto” is a photography group at the University of Toronto. The Vietnamese group “Chase Hanoi” is the inspiration behind the Toronto group, which encourages people to chase their dreams through photography. The premise is that the resultant photos are displayed as inspirations to other people to chase their own creative dreams.

Toronto group has been running for 8 months now and has around 20 recruited members.  Interestingly, Chase Toronto is comprised almost entirely of business students, eager to explore their creative sides in a way that their intensive studies do not often allow for.

Chase Toronto has some local events coming up, including a workshop on street photography and an online photo contest.  The street photography workshop is already full, but the online component is just getting started again in the second week of February. You can get more information on their website here. TUPF met with the executive Director Sally Chu to learn more.

TUPF: How long has Chase Toronto been running?

SC: We started in April, so eight months now.

TUPF: How is everything progressing so far?

SC: I think as a project in Toronto we have been quite successful. We have a lot of recruited members already, about 19 people.

TUPF: Can you tell us about your up coming workshop? What’s it about? Who is it for?

SC:  It is about street photography. It will be around 2 hours with a photo walk after that might take a few hours.

TUPF: Who is attending? Are they mostly students?

SC: We’ve tried to get photography enthusiasts in general and not only students.

TUPF: Is it a free workshop?

SC: Yes it is free

TUPF: What made you choose Street photography as a topic?

SC: We wanted to choose something that was close to our members and the students and also something that was close to our theme, which is “Moments”.

TUPF: What does Moments mean for you?

SC: I see many photography clubs in Toronto. But what I see that is so special about Chase is that the photos really inspire people. It’s not just the photo itself but also the captions – the pictures always tell something and give something to the audience. That’s why I really want to make Chase Toronto not only a gallery but something to inspire people to chase their dreams.

We call our members Chasers.

TUPF: What do you think attracted business students particularly to the group?

SC: Personally I come from business. I go to networking events and I study and the life is so stripped… not something dreamy and not something that really makes me live “the life”. Sometimes I feel like many chasers are business students because they want to do something outside of their career and chase something that they like.

TUPF: When is your gallery event?

SC: It is going to be in May or July. We havn’t decided on the gallery yet though.

TUPF: Can you tell us about the photo contest?

SC: Yes it will be Toronto based. The winner of the gallery submissions will receive a camera from Lomography and the winner for digital contest with receive a coupon for printing from Toronto printing house. The first digital round on Facebook has already ended and the second round starts on February 15th and runs until April 15th,

TUPF: Can anyone vote online?

SC: Yes absolutely anyone can vote on Facebook.