Hello friends, family, partners, and collaborators,

This has been quite a year for TUPF and the board members who help to make this amazing event happen. However, due to some unforeseen circumstances and lack of funding/sponsorship, TUPF15 will be putting on a slightly modified program this year.

TUPF knows how amazing it is to both show and see really great photography in a gallery setting; however, for the 2015 festival, circumstances beyond the TUPF board of directors’ control have made securing a gallery outside the scope of our budget and timing. Though we won’t be having a gallery to show some of the most talented emerging photographers and visual urbanists from Toronto and around the world, we will still be doing a host of amazing activities and events. These events will be held throughout the year, and will, as always, be free with a suggested $5 donation.

We are already in the process of coming up with a bigger and better plan for TUPF16 and will continue to keep you all in the loop. If you wish to donate you can do so on our website. Also, we’re still looking for sponsors (iwanttosponsor@tupf.ca); partners, collaborators, and community organizations to co-host/present events or for TUPF to run events for (iwanttopartnerwith@tupf.ca); and awesome people to join our already amazing team of volunteers (iwanttohelp@tupf.ca).

Our call for works is going to continue to be open with our early bird special extended to at least Dec 31st 2015. The theme for 2016 is still ‘Urban Playground,’ which you can find out more about at http://tupf.ca/theme-urbanplayground

We know that everyone is excited about TUPF and we greatly appreciate your continued support. Everyone in the TUPF family hopes to see you all at the amazing 2015 events. It is all of our supporters that really make TUPF successful and we hope to continue to create a program that fits in with the ever-evolving photographic and urban landscape. Stay tuned for our 2015 program and list of events.

Keep on shooting,
Cliff Davidson
TUPF Executive Director