After an amazing first year, The Disposable Camera Project has gone multi-city! You can find cameras all year round hidden in Toronto AND Vancouver (with some surprise cities later on!).
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It’s street photography BY the people FOR the people! Very cool! See if you can find a cam & share a moment with us.


Everyone at TUPF is pleased to announce that The Disposable Camera Project, in partnership with Lomography Canada, is officially underway. If you’re wondering how you get involved, let us explain!

The Disposable Camera Project’s purpose, in a nutshell, is to see Toronto from your eyes. We want to see what Toronto looks and feels like, smells and sounds like. We have placed a few cameras around Toronto’s downtown so that you can show us just what your Toronto looks like. A total of ten photos will be put on display during the festival at Lomography’s gallery on Queen St. W!

Here are the details:

What: We have placed multiple disposable cameras throughout the downtown. Your mission is to find them, observe your environment, and create urban masterpieces.


As of right now, there are three cameras out in the wild, with more to come. Here are your hints!

Camera 1: You don’t have to be old to be square. Just get your butt to Dundas.

Camera 2: Beside a cathedral in a place once occupied.

Camera 3: Don’t have to look High to find this camera. Just park your butt on a bench and take a shot.

Camera 4: Although a cheap guy, he used to give out Turkeys at Xmas. Honest!

Camera 5: Try not to read too much into this clue, but George was a Saint and he really liked to read.

Camera 6: Counterculture abounds in this Market where Pedestrian Sunday is anything but pedestrian.

Right now! This project is live until the rolls are used!

Once you and your friends have crafted a beautiful urban photo out of the landscape you’re near, keep checking back with us to see if your photo has been selected as one to be hosted in our gallery and where the next round of disposable cameras are being placed.

We would like, once again, to thank Lomography for partnering with us for this exciting project, and we are looking forward to seeing your work on their art gallery’s wall very soon!

Need more info? Hop on over to the official project page here!

Happy snapping!