With just one month left before the commencement of the Toronto Urban Photography Festival (TUPF), we would like to introduce you to this year’s winners.

This year’s theme is Urban Playground.

It’s about how the city is playful, how we make play in the city, and how we play with ideas of the city. It’s about how we create in and are created by the city. It’s about this playground we live in and call home.

Since TUPF is a local festival that’s open to international submissions, we have two categories of winners, Building Giants Local and Building Giants Global.

Building Giants Local:
1st: Lucy Lu
2nd: Joseph Balderston
3rd: Levent Erutku

Building Giants Local Runners-Up:
Dave Conlon – 1
Craig Chambers
Tim Green
Anne Kerekes – 4
Mandeep Dhalla
Flora Manata

Building Giants Global:
1st: Andy Day
2nd: Argus Paul
3rd: Lina Manousogiannaki

Building Giants Global Runners-Up:
Mariana Suárez – 2
Michelle Chan
Mariana Suárez – 1
Pascal Normand
Pierluigi Anselmi – 2
Roman Robroek
Sylwia Kuzak

The TUPF organisers would like to congratulate all of the winners and runners-up. We look forward to seeing you work during the exhibition!